Remembering Lost Places

Undergraduate Student Mark Strandquist garners press after exhibiting “Write Home Soon” at the Art Museum of the Americas, VCU and more.

Undergraduate Photo/Film student Mark Strandquist’s project, “Write Home Soon,” is the subject of press attention after an exhibition at the Art Museum of the Americas, in Washington, D.C.

“Write Home Soon” consists of a series of Postcards, written by prison inmates,  homeless shelters, senior citizen facilities, high schools, museums, and many more. Asking the writer to describe a place they “have lost access to over the course of their lifetimes.” The cards are then subsequently mailed to the Art Museum of the Americas, and put on display with their current group exhibit: “The Ripple Effect.”

Strandquist, speaking to VCU News: “The postcards are all anonymous, so not only can participants safely purge, condemn or open up, but the lack of identity and authorship allows for those viewing the exhibit to create their own meanings and associations,” Strandquist said. “You look at a card and you can think; ‘This could be my mom, my partner, a friend from second grade, etc.’ it’s really important for the project to allow space for these associations.”

In addition to VCU news outlets, Strandquist’s exhibit has also been featured in The Washington Post, RVA Magazine, DC Art News,, and the Washington Project for the Arts.

See below for a gallery of images: