Alumnus Collaborates on Community Project

Driving Richmond: Stories and Portraits of GRTC Operators

Michael Lease, a Photography and Film MFA alumnus is collaborating with Dr. Laura Browder, author and Professor of American Studies at University of Richmond, as well as Benjamin Thorp, an environmental multimedia artist and sound designer for Black Iris Music. Driving Richmond is a multi-media project telling the stories of GRTC operators. This close up look at the employees who transport us from point A to point B, reveals incredible experiences and stories that provide greater perspective about Richmond as a city. Driving Richmond was on display at the Richmond Street Art festival September 11- 15th.

Driving Richmond is now receiving national attention., a website intended to share ‘playful, serious, and radical perspectives on art and culture’, currently has an article posted on the project that you can read here. The Atlantic Cities, also has done a write up about how this project is humanizing our public transportation workers that you can read here.