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Students entering the fields of Fine Art and Design spend their first year at VCU in the Art Foundation Program. Art Foundation is designed to build on existing strengths and introduce new ways of working and thinking. All of our students benefit from their year long immersion in Art Foundation and find that it helps them to flourish in their chosen field.

The Art Foundation curriculum is composed of four core classes that represent the basic tenets of Art and Design: Drawing, Surface, Space and Time. These umbrella titles suggest the possibilities of the major disciplines in the School of the Arts. VCU’s School of the Arts is at the forefront of defining the fields of Art and Design and these courses allow for a range of practice, technique and ideas.

In addition to the four, 3 credit courses, Foundation students enroll in two 1 credit ‘Project’ classes offered by each of the major departments. The Project class is a chance for you to sample the departments in the School of the Arts before you choose your major.

Art Foundation Curriculum Map

The Art Foundation Program is typically completed during one academic year for full-time students.

Each semester, students take 2 of the 4 non-sequential Studio/Research courses, 1 Project course, 1 Survey of Western Art and 1 Focused Inquiry course.

Drawing Studio (ARTF 131 – 3 credits)

Surface Research (ARTF 132 – 3 credits)

Space Research (ARTF 133 – 3 credits)

Time Studio (ARTF 134 – 3 credits)

Project (ARTF 139 – 1 credit)

Project (ARTF 139 – 1 credit)

Survey of Western Art (ARTH 103 – 3 credit)

Survey of Western Art (ARTH 104 – 3 credit)

Focused Inquiry I (UNIV 111 – 3 credit)

Focused Inquiry II (UNIV 112 – 3 credit)

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